Web conferencing system T-Client - echo-free low-cost videoconferencing system

Web Conference T-Client Standard

Web conferencing system T-Client

If we use in one month 9,000 yen! 9 sites, one site 1,000 yen / month

Web Conference T-Client Standard Products price

Initial cost 40,000 yen
Monthly usage fee¥ 9,000 x 12 months108,000 yen
Cost of the first year 148,000 yen
The first year, ¥ 148,000. From the next year ¥ 108,000 industry it is the lowest. Available on a monthly basis.
Initial cost without, even if advertised as month ¥ 3,150, looking at the detail conditions, such as the application of in 5 ID or more, there is what the conditions are lucky. moda zara online coleccion
Web conference fee
In the actual meeting operation of, one connection, and enlarged display on the projector, you may also be viewed on the conference participants. Therefore, even in the even meeting in three locations, available PC is many people is useful.
Clear voice with echo canceller
No headset, no need expensive dedicated equipment. To directly connect the conference room.
Meeting while the headset is not practical. For this purpose, to buy an expensive echo cancellation of the equipment will be the cost up.
T-Client is a high-quality video conference did not realize that it is not an expensive dedicated equipment, a personal computer software, to achieve.
Free open room, actually, please check the quality. A registered unnecessary, are available.
Web conferencing, video conferencing

Low cost of online meeting software of sound quality up to 9 base is, Web conferencing system T-Client is determined by the.

Detailed product prices , please click here. Outline specifications and, how to use , please visit this site.

Also competitors of information and Client-T, ASP comparison table has published therefore, please refer.

System construction example

An example of a configuration of a conference system of three bases that use the T-Client, will introduce.

Equipment needed in addition to the personal computer and network equipment in the configuration of the above are as follows. Price is the outline.

Equipment necessary for the non-PC and network equipment quantity Price Summary
Web camera (UVC inexpensive ones) Three 3,000 ¥ 9,000
Mike (PC Accessories inexpensive ones) Three 2,000 ¥ 6,000
Speaker (PC Accessories inexpensive ones) One 2,000 ¥ 2,000
Mixer (for consumer use) One 8,000 ¥ 8,000
The total approximate price ¥ 25,000

Detailed price and specifications of each of the equipment, product search , and please see. Online conference of the big screen, TV conference T-Client a, please visit.

In the same notebook PC, such as their office, if not out failure is when you participate in a Web conference using the AC power supply, power-saving settings for the notebook PC, at the time of battery-powered, lower the processing capability of the CPU, battery because have so as to last longer. The Start menu, so there should be a power management utility, so you can not decrease the processing capability of the CPU. However, consumption of the battery is heavy, you may need to be prepared. Web conference in the notebook computer , please refer to.

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When you join the go with a laptop to the TV conference, well, it will be the line is disconnected.

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